Shelta Hats Convertible Cord System

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The Shelta Convertible Cord is an essential accessory to the Shelta Hats. It helps to fit any Shelta hat securely. It features two toggles that are to be slide through the re-inforced buttonholes on side of the brim and a large detachable hook clip. It is made of polyester and is strong, comfortable and gives extra protection when exposed to extreme conditions.  

The Shelta Convertible cord is super versatile as it can be worn in several different ways.

All Shelta hats come with the convertible cord system so this is for those who would simply like a spare or have misplaced their original.


About the brand

Shelta Hats is an American company based in California. The founder of this company decided to design a sun hat when one couldn't be found that worked for him and his friends while paddling.

His design criteria were that it had to perform as well in the water as on dry land. It couldn't get the way when paddling, and most importantly, not flop in your face when wet or windy.

Obsessive testing and attention to detail resulted in the most engineered, purpose-built sun hat ever created.

Its patent-pending 'No Flop' visor brim, innovative design features and superior craftsmanship ignited a movement of performance-driven sun protection that has drawn the best and most avid outdoor enthusiasts all over the world.

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