Avenel Shapeable Wide Brim Hemp Hat White

$ 65.00 AUD
Colour White

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A hemp product is everyone’s favourite go-to.  Headwear made of hemp fibre is lightweight and absorbent, with three times the tensile strength of cotton. Whilst being durable and long lasting because it is grown free of any chemicals, it is a healthy and environmentally conscious material for everyday clothing and headwear. Hemp also becomes softer with washing and will wear in rather than wear out, it has excellent breathability and insulation properties – Making the wearer cooler in summer.

This practical summer lightweight hemp style sunhat has the wider popular wired brim to ensure the wearer is stylishly protected.

This hat is extremely durable, fashionable and offers great UPF50+ sun protection with its 15cm brim. Pair it back with your favourite summer outfit, wear it to the beach for an on trend look, or travel the world on an adventure. 


About the brand

Avenel of Melbourne, where elegance meets innovation. This Australian brand combines timeless craftsmanship with contemporary designs, creating headwear to elevate your style.

Discover a world of sophistication and functionality in every piece, bringing a touch of Melbourne's chic charm to your everyday life.

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