Camilo Panama Classic Sandy Leather Band

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Hand made in Ecuador and imported for the finest of quality. This is our signature collection with extra fine quality . You can't match or beat this for finish. Super light weight and super fine wear.

Camillo Hats are of the highest possible quality and unique in every way with imported French hat bands in both leather and french lace. A mid grade Panama that will not disappoint the buyer and give years of good use and coverage.  Sandy Colour is unique in every way with both natural and cream woven colours to give a unique sandy finish. 

 Brim Size 7 cms 

Crown Height 9.5 cm

This is our top selling hat style we make it in this shape year in and year out as its just a good all round shape. Classic Hemmingway Style  . Top seller year in , year out . Transcends Seasons and gives enough sun cover to wear in the height of summer . Pinch crown protected and brim reinforced to keep its shape and hold a fine fashion line. Perfect quality. Leather Band is made from French tanned Cow Leather , smooth and neat.  A great gentlemans hat. 

Limited stock. 


About the brand

Individually crafted in Ecuador and imported to ensure the utmost quality, Camillo Hats stand as a pinnacle of excellence.

These hats are distinguished by their unparalleled quality and distinctive features, including imported French hat bands in both leather and delicate French lace. Representing a mid-grade Panama, these hats are sure to meet, if not exceed, the expectations of any discerning buyer, offering years of reliable service and sun protection.

Available in bleached white (as depicted) or natural light putty, but act swiftly, as this style is exclusive to this summer season. With a standard brim size of 5 centimeters, these hats provide ample shade, complemented by a stylish French lace band and a reinforced pinch crown, embodying true quality craftsmanship.

This fashion-forward, smaller-brimmed style mirrors the timeless appeal of a classic Fedora shape, ensuring its popularity year after year.

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