Fléchet Italian Fibre Fedora Natural

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Colour Natural

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The Natural Fibre Fedora from Fléchet is an easy wear fedora that is ideal for those sunny summer days! It consists of soft material with tight weaving to give maximum protection. Beautifully crafted in Italy and is lightweight and can be matched with any outfit!

  • Natural Fibre Material
  • Soft & Lightweight
  • Summer Essential
  • Italian Made



About the brand

In 1903, operating from their modest Manchester premises, they produced just 25 dozen hats weekly. Their growth was gradual, and by the 1940s, their output had surged to an impressive 5,000 dozen hats per week.

During this time, they even dedicated themselves to the war effort, crafting flying helmets for the RAF and specialised equipment for commando frogmen. As the demand for their fur felt hats waned in the 1950s, they astutely anticipated the changing market landscape.

They already had a compelling alternative in place, and when the fur felt market eventually collapsed, their fabric variations gained rapid popularity. These fabric alternatives won the admiration of both the fashion-forward and the everyday person.Today, their focus remains resolutely on the future.

They consistently introduce fresh interpretations of timeless models, incorporating next-generation fabrics, textures, and colors. They're always innovating, forever advancing.

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