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Hanna Patch Vintage Wool Cap Patchwork

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Hanna Hats from the small townland of Donegal on Ireland’s northwest coast have been designing and hand making the finest Donegal Tweed hats and caps since 1964.  That old age tradition of bespoke tailoring plays a major role in each and every piece created.

Hanna Hats of Donegal are unique, as all styles are hand-cut to patterns designed by Hanna Hats and assembled by hand in the factory in Donegal town using the finest Donegal Tweed (Pure new wool)

  • Every piece has a unique design
  • Hand Made
  • Material: Donegal Tweed Wool
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Made in Donegal, Ireland

About the brand

Hanna Hats, hailing from the quaint townland of Donegal on Ireland's northwest coast, have been crafting top-quality Donegal Tweed hats and caps since 1964.

This enduring tradition of custom tailoring plays a pivotal role in the creation of every single piece.What sets Hanna Hats of Donegal apart is their commitment to crafting unique, hand-cut styles according to patterns they've designed.

These pieces are meticulously assembled by hand in their Donegal town factory, utilising the finest Donegal Tweed, woven from pure new wool. The moment you lay your hands on a 'Hanna' hat or cap, you can see that the hallmark of quality tailoring has been impeccably preserved.