Melbourne Hats Panama Outback B3 Hat Natural

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Colour Natural
Colour Natural

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Barmah have produced 2 outstanding Genuine Panama hats. The 'hoods' are handwoven in Ecuador using Toquila Palm. They are then formed into their shapes and finished here in Australia. The headbands are made using a DuPont Softie material for a comfortable fit.Comes with a 7 cms wide brim which is considered a medium brim size to give you good sun protection with out the Yee Haa look. Its a great all round hat that is one of our top sellers. PRODUCT VIDEO BELOW .


About the brand

The Hat Store has nurtured a strong and enduring partnership with the Melbourne Hats team for an extended period.

Melbourne Hats, showcased within our store, have consistently been a preferred selection among our devoted hat enthusiasts.

With a specialised focus on hats tailored for our male clientele, the Melbourne Hats team is synonymous with both exceptional style and craftsmanship.

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