Scala Lygon Crushable Wool Felt Fedora Pecan

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Colour Pecan
Colour Pecan

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Meet your new perfect all rounder hat. Wear it day or night, Summer or Winter! This hat is an easy accessory to any outfit all year long!

  • Crushable
  • Packable
  • Moderate Brim
  • Australian Wool Felt
  • Unlined Soft Felt
  • Travel Hat
  • Unisex

About the brand

Scala is a brand that has established itself as a trendsetting sartorial maven. Their hats may even be so delicately created as to be considered an inspiration.

For men, Scala invokes the long-forgotten hap tip, the holding car doors open and the extended forearm for a companion stepping out of a car.

For women, Scala helps every wearer exude beauty and showcase her unique fashion sense with aplomb.

Since 1988, Scala has combined style with function, to keep wearers’ fashion identities well ahead of the coming trends.

A casual shopper looking for anything from a fedora to safari hats to outback hats and round crowns and even big brim hats to shade one from the sun can find what they desire with Scala.

For Scala, it is not just about hats; it is a lifestyle brand wrought from the inspiration of a time when a men’s dress hat was a wardrobe staple.

Despite Scala’s harkening back to a different era, its pieces showcase the evolution of headwear. The result of the tried and tested approach is a line of products that is classic yet fresh. It is clear that the bygone infusion in Scala’s hats will endure and their hat styles will offer their vintage feel while still maintaining a modern silhouette.

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