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Summer Lovin' Roll Up Visor Sand

$ 29.95 AUD
Colour Sand

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Stylish and contemporary design with adjustable velcro and elastic band clasps to ensure a snug yet flexible fit; Roll-up function maximises portability and convenience for storage or while travelling; One-size-fits-all.




About the brand

Founded in 1969, the Jacaru brand embodies the essence of Australia: untamed, robust, and bold.

Jacaru Australia is dedicated to crafting only the highest quality, durable hats, wallets, and accessories. With the introduction of their summer-oriented brands, including the delightful "Summer Lovin," Jacaru extends its commitment to quality to the realm of sun-friendly accessories, such as visors and straw hats.

In the heat of the season, Jacaru ensures you stay stylish, comfortable, and sun-safe, embracing the spirit of summer with every wear.

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